Elements for Integration

Elements for Integration

The biggest need is for data and information integration towards best intelligence nexts (BINs) hecosystemically. The concepts of individuated privacy and confidentiality of health information must be sensitively and appropriately re-visioned in this new age of social networking, with people’s growing desire to be heard, noticed, and connected and with providers' access for best service at each and every interaction and at each and every point of care. Thus, rather than locking down all health information as a matter of privacy, societally we need to readdress laws regarding inappropriate use of data, clarifying pragmatic use and eliminating dys-use of personalized information. Open, fungible, searchable access for health and wellness is imperative. Discrimination and segregation, labelling and branding are "never events".

Seamless availability and interconnectivity of health knowledge allows in-depth intelligence and statistical analysis of confounding variables, reduces unnecessary and superfluous  redundancy, and potentially eliminates hand-off errors. A computerized health "passport" would serve as a template and allow interconnectivity, not just benefiting the patient, but also allowing broader public health research to be performed. This ecosystemization of information would be able to highlight best outcomes and best practices through true tracking and networking. Broad patterns could be discerned in this "Wise Data" platform enabling cosmic improvements in population, onto planetary, health and wellness.

The Healthspital model also requires more-effective use of expert systems. With integrated data informatics and analytics, experts could render opinions from afar on questions within the database. Doctors and other practitioners ("carors") would have access to remote monitoring, enabling them to render best  advice to more  patients ("carees"). Carees themselves could find answers to questions and discover best practices, as well as share their own discoveries, ideas, and best practices. Innovation would be more instantly disseminated globally and more readily exposed to peer and non-peer review.

Patients and families will more easily engage with extensive information and support networks. Self-education would expand. The entire hecosystem would then become progressively more responsive, accountable, and learning. A global movement of health, wellness, well - being would begin to be fostered - a paradigm launch begun.

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